Groundwater Treatment Solutions have the combined resources to provide a complete treatment solution from highly experienced personnel, in-house laboratory facilities, engineering workshops and state of the art treatment systems and equipment.

In-house Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory allows us to undertake a range of treatment trials on water, sludge and solid materials utilising a range of treatment methods.

Trials are undertaken to meet technical, regulatory and financial objectives and directly link to full-scale treatment.

Plant & Equipment

Groundwater Treatment Solutions is supported by McMahon Services’ $70 million network of company-owned plant and equipment that includes specialist remediation and treatment systems such as:

  • Skid, truck and trailer mounted
    water treatment units;
  • Containerised PLC water treatment systems;
  • Solar powered, remote telemetry systems;
  • Tanks, pumps and filters;
  • Reactors and adsorbers;
  • Chemical injection skids;
  • Industrial vacuum recovery units;
  • Komatsu BZ210-1 RETERRA G-Mode – mobile soil blending system;
  • VecLoader HEPA VAC – industrial vacuum system.

Engineering Workshops

Our engineering workshops extend over a number of sites across Australia, with an extensive array of equipment and skilled trades to enable the construction and modification of treatment systems.

More than a "pump and treat" solution
Multi-treatment, mass flux approach